Campus Ministry/All Ministry…Relational Ministry

college gradsBefore relocating to my current ministry position, I had begun a partnership with a campus ministry at Austin Peay State University.  While teaching as an adjunct professor, I had the opportunity to interact with students and participate with ministry activities on campus as much as my pastoral duties would permit.  I thoroughly enjoyed the year of ministry.  What an awesome experience when we met at the YMCA pool to baptize students who had come to faith in Christ that year.

Campus ministry is a different animal in many ways.  It is very relational, as Brandon Reed, College Ministries Pastor at Grace Community Church, explains.  Eating lunch with students.  Helping new students move into the dorm.  Being available after class.  Connecting on Facebook.  Going to Bible study with them.  Having Bible study with them.  Connecting in prayer  groups with them.  These were ways that relationships were built.  It paid off in lives being impacted.  I will be quick to say that those who were doing it full time had much greater impact than I did, but I was excited to be a part of the process!  It is all about building relationships that provide the bridge for sharing Christ.

My thoughts about this lead me to state what I think is the obvious.  All ministry, not just campus ministry, is highly relational if it is effective.  Whether I am a pastor, a small group leader or a Sunday school teacher, it is all the same.  Ministry happens through relationships.  If I am going to reach my neighbor with the love of Christ, it will be through relationship.  If I am going to reach a co-worker, it will require relationship.  In the midst of building realtionships, I must be intentional.  Intentionality comes from a heart that desires to see people come to Christ.

I ask myself, “Where am I being relational?”  “Am I being intentional so that I can have an opportunity to share Christ through relationship?”  That is how the Kingdom will function through me.

Where are you building relationships for kingdom work?  How can you be more intentional in doing so?

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