I love the heart of Francis Chan…

Guest Post by Blake Bergstrom (Campus Pastor at Crosspoint.tv Nashville) blakeunfettered

I recently had the privilege of hearing Francis Chan speak at “Catalyst” and I simply love the authenticity of his heart.  He just kept talking about his own relationship with God and where he was at with Him right now.  It was like he was simply modeling for a bunch of pastors how to continue to enjoy, laugh, and love Jesus. I just bought his new book, “Forgotten God“, because I love the way that he challenges me.  Here is the quote that he said over and over…Francis_1280x800

Tonight, I am overwhelmed with Joy…I just can’t explain it…I am filled with joy and I am so Happy!!  God is in the house right now! That’s intense! Lets not just have a happy meeting or conference without inviting Jesus.  He is here.  I am not going to give a new teaching…better understanding of the Word…just Jesus.

He challenged us to stop trying to put a new spin on God.  He said that, “we as church leaders are guilty every Easter of trying to make the Resurrection of Christ better than the year before!”  Hilarious!!  He also sent us to 1 Peter 5:6-11 and he challenged us to not allow the enemy to rob us of our joy.  He simply reminded us that we are to cast our anxieties on Christ and allow Him to establish us.

I am so convicted about this right now.  I have been guilty of trying to establish, build, grow, and create on my own strength, which always leads to stress, burdens, and a popularity contest.  Lets not try and manipulate or convince people that God is great…lets just show them by the evidence of our own JOY.

Have you allowed the enemy to rob you of your joy of simply loving and knowing God?

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