GPSI recently bought a new GPS unit for my car.  When my wife and I got back to the car, being the electronic/gadget guy that I am, I asked her, “Where do you want to go now so that I can set this up while you shop?”  So we were off to the next shopping center and I sat in the car while Cindy visited a couple of stores.

I unpacked the unit, made the connections, placed the suction mount on the windshield, clipped the unit in place and began the setup process. I quickly advanced through the menus and in no time the gadget was ready to go.  Waiting for my wife, I quickly glanced through the “Quick Start” guide to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.  (I always set up electronics intuitively then consult the instructions later, if needed.  It’s a guy thing.)

During the setup process, I entered the address for home into the unit.  When Cindy returned to the car, we were ready to give it a try.  On the opening screen where it asks, “Where to?” I pressed the button that says, “Go Home.”  As we began to drive, the voice on the unit proceeded to give verbal directions for distance to the next turn, prompting when the turn was approaching and then instructing me to make the turn at the appropriate moment.  Then it happened.  Not more than two miles into the trip home, I get this idea…I want to buck the system.  I want to give this woman on my dashboard a challenge…throw her off.  So I suddenly turned into a supermarket parking lot.  The little car on my GPS screen turned abruptly into what the “woman” thought was perhaps an open field.  Maneuvering through this “roadless” expanse, she began to repeat, “Recalculating.  Recalculating.”  She continued to do so until she “got her bearings,” and  then began to give instructions to get back on the correct route.  With a little snicker, I obediently returned to the road and my “navigator” happily resumed her instrutions to get me home.

When I came to faith in Christ, I pushed the button that says, “Go Home!”  The Word of God had calculated my route and the Holy Spirit speaks His instructions daily along the way.  When I get that little rebellious inkling to wander off the path, the Holy Spirit prompts me to “recalculate.”  I, at that point, can choose to listen and come back to the correct route, or continue in my own path to my own demise.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit speaks to draw us into the paths of God’s way when we wander.  I’m glad He helps me recalculate at those moments so that my journey can continue unimpeded.

Isaiah 53:6

All of us have strayed away like sheep. We have left God’s paths to follow our own. Yet the LORD laid on him the guilt and sins of us all.

Psalm 5:8

Lead me in the right path, O LORD, or my enemies will conquer me. Tell me clearly what to do, and show me which way to turn.

What tends to get you off track?  How do you maintain the course through life’s journey?

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