If Starbucks Gets it Right, Why Don’t We?

starbucks cupsThis morning, I made my usual stop at Starbucks for coffee and oatmeal.  I needed to get to the office, so I couldn’t stick around to enjoy the atmosphere.  Sometimes, though, I will pull out my laptop and work on projects while relaxing in the Starbucks culture.  A friend of mine says of Starbucks, “This is a place where I can be really creative.”  Why is Starbucks such a comfortable and inviting place for me?  Let me think it through with you…

  • They learned me by name pretty quickly. It didn’t take many visits before they were calling me by name and now they greet me by name when I walk in the door.  I feel accepted and valued.
  • They know my brew. I don’t have to tell them every time what I want, unless I stray from my usual.  They have taken the time to get to know me and what I like.
  • They share life. Sometimes the baristas and I talk about life.  For instance, I know that Carlos is originally from Florida and is looking for an engineering job.  Stephanie and I have compared notes about our experiences in the mental health field and she just moved to St. Louis to further her education.  There is a level of shared experience.
  • The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing. I can sit in comfortable easy chairs or at a table to spread out my stuff.  I can sit outside in the sunshine or with friends in a “living room” setting.  The comfortable environment puts me at ease.

Could we take some cues from Starbucks when it comes to “marketing” our church?  Starbucks does this to create a culture that builds customer loyalty.  They want to make a profit and they know this is good for business.  In the church, there is a greater value at stake.  We desire to reach people for Christ.  We want to see God work to change lives.  So, if these things serve to make a “connection” with people in order for God to touch them, then let’s take note and be willing to make the necessary changes that create the same dynamic on the spiritual level.

Take a look at this little parable to see what I mean…

In what ways do you see a need for the church to be more inviting to those we are trying to reach?

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