Look Mommy, They’re Loving Each Other

coupleSitting in Starbucks (where else?), I just overheard a brief comment that reminded me of something important.  A couple were standing at the bar waiting on their order and had their arms around one another.  A little girl sitting with her mother across the room noticed the couple and said, “Look mommy, they’re loving each other!”

This sweet little comment by a 4-year-old reminds me that our children learn a lot about love by observing their parents.  What do our kids learn about love from our behavior?  Do they see us loving our spouses with an unconditional love?  Even when we have an argument, do they know that we still love one another and we will work it out at any cost?  Do they see us being selfless in our actions toward one another?  Do they know that our love for one another far outweighs any other commitment and priority in our lives except our relationship with Jesus?

Our children gain security and a sense of well being by observing the genuine love of their parents for one another.  They also learn how to love by observing this relationship and by experiencing the unconditional love we have for them.

May our children see us really “loving each other!”

What would your children say about your relationship with your spouse?  As a single, how will you assure that you develop a unconditionally loving relationship with your future spouse?

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