When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

shooterThe last two days have presented overwhelming evidence that life often doesn’t make sense.  As if we really needed any new evidence, it has served to once again bring me face to face with the reality.

In the news we learned that a deranged Army psychiatrist entered a processing facility at Ft. Hood, TX, and opened fire on a room full of soldiers preparing to be deployed to the middle east in service to our country.  The unthinkable, that one of their own would do such a heinous thing, shocked the nation.  Thirteen people are dead, leaving their families stunned and grieving in the aftermath.  Dozens have suffered wounds, both physical and emotional.  Fortunately, the shooter is still alive and we may get some idea of the motive behind his actions.  But the dead will still be dead.  The loss of these families will still be real.

This morning I received a message that the 19-year-old son of a friend was killed last night in an automobile accident.  The tragedy of this situation is multiplied by the fact that my friend and his son had been reunited just this past summer for the first time in many years due to a divorce.  The pain and loss that this family is experiencing is overwhelming.

I have, at various times in the course of my life, had the responsibility of reaching out to those who are hurting when life has dealt them a hand that seems overwhelmingly unfair and senseless.  It is in those moments that there are no easy words to speak.  There are no platitudes that satisfy.  Young men and women who have stepped up to go into harm’s way to protect our freedoms, are not supposed to be gunned down by one of their own.  Nineteen-year-old sons are not supposed to be taken away from us when the hope of reunion and relationship are so promising.  What are we to do when life doesn’t make sense?

There is really only one thing that can bring comfort in this moment…God is there.

I don’t mean that in a trite or cliche manner.  What I mean is that God…

  • …knows how we feel in the midst of our pain and sorrow.

Isaiah 53:3-10 Hebrews 4:15

  • …is our Solid Rock in the midst of the most raging storm.

Psalm 18:2

There are no easy answers when life doesn’t make sense, and sometimes the best thing to do for that person who is hurting is just to be there and love them and pray for them.  When they are ready to hear it, you can remind them that God knows how they feel and He is their rock.  That’s my prayer for my friend and the families and soldiers at Ft. Hood.

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