Something From Nothing

dirtSo I’m at this conference called “Dirt” where the “creatives” from churches and ministries across the country have gathered to network and share ideas.  The premise of the whole thing is the idea of “getting something from nothing.”  You can do great technical ministry stuff without breaking the bank.  It has been relatively helpful so far with resources, ideas and networking.  However, the biggest impact for me has been the worship.

mad churchThis morning, Anne Jackson, author of Mad Church Disease, shared her story and challenged us, “Is your work for the church getting in the way of your communion with God.”  She called us to confess those things to Christ, get alone with God and have communion with Him.  As I went forward to lay some things at the altar, I took the bread and the cup, and went to a place to be alone.  It was a sweet time of worship, of surrender and of laying my burdens at His feet.  I experienced God’s presence with power and His glory.  I am thankful for God’s Spirit who was at work there and for Him using Anne.

One of the statements Anne made was, “No matter how good your day has been morally, when God looks at us, we still need the cross of Christ to make us appear righteous to Him.”  That is only possible because of the work of Christ on the cross for me.  That is certainly not “nothing,” that’s “something.”  I have “nothing” to give on my behalf.  The “something” that Christ has given (His all) is what has given me “something”…eternal life, and freedom, and grace for every day.  Jesus has changed my life and made “something from nothing.”

Have you received the “something” that Christ offers?  He offers it today!  What has He done for you?  How has your life been changed as a result?

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3 Responses to “Something From Nothing”

  1. November 11, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    thanks for being at dirt and for allowing god to stir your heart…

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