I’ve Seen the Arms of Christ

It is sad to say, but this isn’t witnessed very often…not really.  What I’m talking about is a demonstration of the pure and natural expression of love in the Body of Christ.  We talk about experiencing community in the church, and that is our goal in the ministry of small groups.  However, it takes intentional, long-range work to make it a reality.  None of us are usually very quick to pull down our masks and be genuine and authentic.  We have too much to risk.  But, when we get in a safe place and just love each other as Christ is loving us, it’s a pretty amazing thing to experience.  For an entire congregation to demonstrate this is even more amazing.

I have to say I’ve seen a glimpse of this at our church just the past few days.  As one of our young families lost their 5-year-old daughter unexpectedly on Friday, preceded by a family losing their 19-year-old son in an auto accident two weeks earlier, I have seen our people (starting with their small group) reach out in love and wrap their arms around these families.  I’ve seen spiritual maturity that honors and glorifies God from these hurting families and a selfless, genuine love from a community of people who are leaning on the Father.  That’s real “body life.”

We need each other.  Of that, there’s no doubt.  When we just drop our guard and get real with one another, it opens the avenue for God to show up in a big way.  We often ask “why” when tragedy strikes…I know I have, and these families have.  We may get some of the “whys” here and now, we may not.  But God is sovereign and He is our rock in the midst of these struggles of life.  As we fix our eyes on Him, He will work through this to strengthen us, draw many to Himself and give a comfort that none can know apart from Him.  2 Corinthians 1:3-7

How has God comforted you in a time of trouble?  How are you needing God’s comfort right now?  Who might God be calling you to reach out to with comfort?

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