You’re a Mean One…

One of my all-time favorite children’s Christmas stories is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss.  It was popularized by the annual TV special which I was diligent to watch every year growing up.  I have continued to watch it from time to time as an adult.  It is such a heart-warming story of the change of heart in the context of the Christmas holiday.  I’m not much on the sappy Christmas movies that fill the TV today (don’t be a hater)…that’s just not me.  However, the story of the Grinch is classic and tells a truth.

All of us are Grinches.  I don’t mean that we all are cynical, bitter, sour pusses who hate everyone and cringe at the sound of others experiencing joy.  (There are some of those out there).  But, just like the Grinch, we all have a heart problem.  For him, it was manifested in his disgust for the people of Whoville enjoying their traditionally Christmas festivities.  But for each of us, it may be demonstrated in various ways…deception, self-centeredness, lust, dishonesty, contention, and the list goes on.  These sinful actions and attitudes characterize every human heart because we are flawed…marred by our sinful nature.  That is why we have Christmas!

Just like the Grinch needed a heart change, we too need our hearts recreated.  Jesus came to do just that.  As God came to earth and took on human flesh in the form of His Son, the purpose was to provide a remedy for our heart problem.  For the baby in the manger became the Savior on the cross.  His victory over death through the resurrection guarantees that anyone who places their faith in Him as Savior will receive a transformed heart and eternal life.

What is your favorite children’s Christmas movie? How does it represent what is important to you about Christmas?


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