Small Fears

Fear is a pretty common thread that runs through human exprience.  I find myself dealing with it from time to time.  It can be insidious and destructive to relationships.  Today, I share a guest post from fellow pastor and friend, Billy Ellis, who points out to us how fear can impact our marriages.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” -II Timothy 1:7

Many years ago, when Cindy and I were first married, she had an illness that made her ache all over. For several days she got steadily worse, until finally she had to be carried to the car so that she could make it to the doctor. The source of the illness turned out to be an infection in a lymph node. When the lymph node was drained, and the infection treated, she quickly recovered. Such a small thing, and yet her entire body was being poisoned by this “small thing”.

Fear is that way in a marriage. It is usually hidden, and even ignored, or laughed at, as being pointless. But silently it grows, and festers, and poisons the entire relationship. Then it breeds suspicion, and the suspicion fosters confrontation and divisiveness. Something has to change. Fear must give way to the positives of the Spirit found in this week’s verse. The Spirit empowers our relationship to grow and become richer. Yielding to the Holy Spirit increases our love, for, as the Bible says, perfect love casts out fear. And as a result, we think clearly, see ourselves and our mate clearly, and keep our marital relationship in proper perspective. That small, niggling fear must be excised. The way that happens is for you to give no reason for fear or worry in the mind of your beloved. Constantly reaffirm that you belong to them for life. Constantly evaluate the centrality of your marriage relationship in your calendar, your thoughts, and your future.

Love completely, fully, and let that love cast out fear.

What threatens to strike fear in your heart?  What do you fear most?  How do you find victory over fear?

Billy Ellis is Teaching Pastor at First Free Will Baptist Church in Russellville, AR.  See his bio here.


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