I often pray in journal format.  What I mean is, I write my prayers in a prayer journal as if I were writing a letter to God.  Of course, the difference is that while I may write a letter to a friend that will take days to arrive, when I’m writing a prayer to God He is “reading” it immediately and answering in real time.  I find this helpful to me as I write out my thoughts and words of praise.  It also is a blessing sometimes to look back and read how I was praying at a certain time and to see how God has responded to my needs.

When I sign the prayer (yes, I do sign them), I write “IJN” before my name and “YPF” after my name (almost like a degree title).  You may have guessed that “IJN” stands for “In Jesus’ name” which is how we are instructed to pray, in the Word.  However, the “YPF” is probably less obvious.  It is really meant to be a commitment and a reminder.  It stands for “Your Passionate Follower.”  I find it helpful to me to put that at the end of the prayer to renew my commitment to be a passionate follower of Jesus and to remind me that I am called to be so.  That’s just a little quirk in my prayer life.  Maybe it will be an encouragement to you as well.  I know I need all the encouragement and reminders I can get to passionately follow my Lord and avoid the checklist mentality.

In what unique ways do you approach prayer and communion with God?

Take a look at this video of Casting Crowns doing “Lifesong” live.  I like the line that says, “I want to sign your name at the end of this day, knowing that my life was true.”


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