When you gather at church for corporate worship, do you find yourself just going through the motions?  Are you hurried, harried or hastled so that your mind and heart are not ready to praise the King of kings?  It is easy to let the cares of life and the worries of the day rob you of true worship.  It is possible that unresolved heart-issues will stand in the way of truly connecting with the God of the universe who so wants to commune with us in our local church context.  As you contemplate how your worship experience transpired this past weekend, watch the video below and spend a few minutes considering the God we worship and your heart’s desire to connect with Him in communion.

The next time you gather for corporate worship, take time to prepare your heart and focus upon the God we gather to worship.  Our experience and God’s work in us will be much more keenly powerful if we will take the time to do so.

What was worship like for you this weekend?  What tends to get in the way?  How do you prepare yourself for worship?


2 Responses to “Obstacles?”

  1. 1 Reece
    September 4, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    I was on my bus route yesterday morning thinking about this blog, which made me think about the thoughts that went through my mind during service: tomorrow’s Monday, did we leave the chicken out to thaw for lunch, need to change the oil in the truck, what do I do about the moles in the yard, etc. Then I thought about the heroes of the Bible: Daniel didn’t let a lion’s den distract him from God; David didn’t let a giant distract him; Shadrach and company didn’t let a 4000 degree fire distract them. When I realized this I laughed to myself, almost out loud. Made me feel like Solomon: “I’m just a child – I cannot govern this nation.” I’ll remember this blog and lesson when I started thinking about things other than worship.

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