Helping God Out

Doesn’t God need a little help sometimes?  Well, I know that isn’t the case, but sometimes I act as though He does.  Permit me to give you a recent example.

This past weekend, my wife and I were in middle Tennessee for a speaking engagement at our former church.  It was also an opportunity to see our daughter who is in college in Nashville.  Our plan was to leave for Tennessee on Saturday morning and return to our Russellville, AR, home on Monday afternoon.  However, on Saturday night I received a call (see last post) asking me to come to Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, to help with crisis counseling for a school where a student had died in a tragic accident.  My immediate response was to begin planning logistics with the contact on the ground in St. Croix.  I needed to get my wife home, re-pack and arrange for a flight out of Little Rock as soon as possible.  The best scenario put me into St. Croix on Tuesday afternoon.  This was at least 24 hours too long under the circumstances.

The contact in St. Croix and I discussed several options, but none of them improved the arrival time…not until we realized that God had already pre-arranged my location for the best possible logistical plan.  We were reminded by the travel agent that it was better timing, a logistical advantage, and economically more practical to make our travel plans from Nashville…the location God had already arranged.  God was not caught off guard by this situation.  He had already put me in the best possible location for making a quick connection to the Virgin Islands.  So…my flight was booked for 6 a.m. Monday morning and my wife’s flight home was at 6:30.  We traveled to the airport together, left the vehicle at the airport for me to drive home, and the ministry to which I was going provided for my clothing needs since I had packed for only two days.  The timing?  I was on the ground at 2:45 Monday afternoon.

Since that initial plan began, I have continued to see God arrange circumstances and people in the right places at the right time for His purposes to be worked out.  He has a master plan that is being completed.  I thought I had to figure it all out, while in reality, He had already done so.  The next time I feel I have to devise a plan to accomplish God’s purpose, I will stop and let God show me how He is already at work to make it happen.  And guess what!  He doesn’t need my help.

How have you experienced God’s hand working out His plan in your life?


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